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To whomever it may concern,

Greetings fellow adventurer, if you're reading this it means you've successfully navigated your way to the web page of the finest guild in Alexina. From dungeon runs to Dunby hide and seek, we do all sorts of fun stuff around here. If you're prepared for the level of awesome that ensues after signing up, well then go right ahead and do so. If you're not go ahead and press Alt +F4. In all, welcome to Eliptical! Sign up and I guarantee you will not regret it!

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All day. Everyday.

Lycaander, Aug 7, 12 5:16 PM.

RAVENCLAW (The winners of the tourney round robin)

Lycaander, Aug 7, 12 12:59 AM.
While they haven't won the grand prize yet Team Ravenclaw is well on their way there! Harbouring a strong build based on alchemy and magic, the team blew their way into first place boasting a record nothing short of perfection. As the winners of the round robin they will be awarded a first round bypass to the second round of the tourney where they will be pitted against either the 4th or 5th seeded team. 

All teams performed spectacularly during the round robin, and should keep in mind that they still have a fighting chance at the grand prize.

The teams are made!

Lycaander, Jul 30, 12 12:33 AM.
Without any further ado I give you the teams for the 2012 Eliptical Team PvP Tourney.

Team 1: (Derpinas)

Team 2: (Ravenclaw)

Team 3: (Pegaplatyunipususpanbow)

Team 4: (Gravy Train)

Team 5: (Sisyphus)

Team PvP Rules!

Lycaander, Jul 19, 12 2:21 AM.
Who will stand on top?
Welcome to the site page of the guild's first ever team PvP tourney! 
Before we can get this thing started we need to ensure that all participants 
are aware of and willing to follow all the rules and regulations listed below.
1. All participating members will be split up into teams of four. 
Based on your race, total level, and class you will be put onto a
balanced team with players probably both weaker and stronger than yourself
Each team will get to elect their own leader and decide upon a team name.

2. All participants are obliged to follow the "one class rule".
For the sake of fairness we've decided all players must stick
to using the skills from one class and one class only. For example,
if you decided to register for the PvP tourney as a mage you wouldn't
be allowed to pull out a bow halfway through a battle and 
start shooting arrows.  

3. All battles will be held in the Connus Arena.

If you're unsure about the whereabouts of this location ask a fellow
guild member. All participants are expected to buy their own entry coins.

4. The event will commence with a round robin to determine t

he seedings for the elimination tournament.
If you are unfamiliar with with the term round robin, google it. 
Round robin battles will be held every other day.

5. Demi-god transformation during battles will not be allowed.

6. Spirit Weapons will not be allowed.

7. Pets will not be allowed.

8. There will be a 25k registration fee. 
The money collected here will be added onto the prize money.
Gold runs will be done to help those new to the game raise money.

9. The winning team will receive a generous amount of money!

Weekly Meetings!

Lycaander, Jul 15, 12 12:22 AM.
A reminder to all members that we hold WEEKLY meetings in the guild hall after the Tara Banquet on Saturday. (Around 11 pm EST)
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